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What is search engine marketing? Search engine marketing is a broad term encompassing the different methods to attract visitors to a website.

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) refers to a combination using SEO and paid search listings to buy traffic (the quickest method)
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to using free or unpaid (organic) listings to earn traffic

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) For Businesses

There are approximately one billion websites, with new ones being added every day. Of course, any business is only in direct competition with a very small percentage of those websites, but there is still a lot of competition for the first page of the search engine results for your chosen keywords. Any business that doesn’t appear on the first page when a potential customer searches for their product or service will lose that business to their competitors, whether they are international or local.

Both SEM and SEO (search engine optimization) are effective search marketing methods that will increase a website’s visibility to potential customers. Our search engine marketing agency finds that it makes sense to use both SEM and SEO, taking advantage of the unique marketing capabilities of each. SEM and SEO complement each other. Today, search engine marketing uses many different forms of paid advertising.

  • Pay per click advertising (PPC) is very common, usually accomplished using Google AdWords or Bing Ads
  • Social media ads, placed on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest or others
  • Retargeting Ads (ads that appear after someone has viewed an item but did not buy). Generally, only 2% of visitors buy on their first visit to an online store. Retargeting is used to bring back the other 98%. Retargeting has become increasingly more sophisticated, going beyond the ads that follow someone around the internet, constantly appearing on page after page
  • Other paid display networks

Experienced Search Engine Marketing Services

Paid ads increase website visibility very quickly. Each click on the ad represents another opportunity to gain a new customer. Tampa SEO Agency is an experienced Tampa search engine marketing agency that specializes in search engine marketing services, SEO, and pay per click advertising.

Search Marketing Tampa Florida

search marketing agency in Tampa Florida

Why Partner With Our Tampa Search Engine Marketing Agency?

Paid search ads remain one of the best ways to target and connect with potential customers. That said, it's easy to burn through your ads budget and not have anything to show for it if your campaigns aren't properly managed. This is especially true in the Tampa Bay area, where competition for local online space is incredibly fierce. Tampa SEO Agency helps businesses turn around poorly performing SEM campaigns as well as build entirely new search engine marketing campaigns from scratch. The result – our Tampa search engine marketing company produces the ROI needed to grow your business.

SEM Services That Target The Right People

Tampa SEO Agency's SEM services target the right customers. We have spent numerous years refining our SEM services after working with clients in a variety of different industries with a wide range of advertising budgets.

Our Tampa SEM Agency has built massive, profitable campaigns from the ground up and turned around campaigns that seemed impossible to fix. We always craft search engine marketing campaigns with the user experience in mind, ensuring they have a clear path toward conversion. Unlike other Tampa SEM companies, we handle every aspect of a search engine marketing campaign, including strategy, content creation, landing page design, conversion optimization, and full-service management. Our search marketing agency in Tampa uses unique, time-tested processes to get results. This includes usage and creation of custom landing pages that are optimized for generating conversions.

SEM Services Tampa Florida - Tampa SEO Agency

search marketing Tampa Florida

search engine marketing agency Tampa Florida

Search Engine Marketing Agency Tampa Florida | Tampa SEO Agency

Paid Ad & Search Campaign Management

The core of Tampa SEO Agency's SEM services is campaign management. We work with our digital marketing clients to create a strategy, then make that strategy a reality. We reduce our clients cost-per-click, improve click-through rates, improve conversions, and deliver quality leads or sales from paid search campaigns. To achieve this, our Tampa SEM Agency uses precise targeting, custom landing pages, rigorous A/B testing, and a series of processes refined from years of developing SEM campaigns. We are a highly-experienced SEO company and Tampa search engine marketing agency. Our SEM services produce results.

SEM Agency Services

Retargeting & Remarketing

Statistically, most website visitors are not going to convert the first time they arrive on a landing page. Remarketing keeps your brand in front of the prospect and gently nudges them into converting.

A poorly executed remarketing campaign can easily backfire. It can sour your brand in the eyes of the visitor with persistent, annoying ads. Tampa SEO Agency develops remarketing and retargeting campaigns that keep you top of mind without being too aggressive. Our search engine marketing agency in Tampa will create an SEM strategy based on your unique sales lifecycle, then execute and manage those remarketing campaigns.

search marketing Tampa Fl

Search Marketing Tampa Fl | Tampa SEO Agency
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Is Search Engine Marketing Important?

Well, Google runs more than 100 billion searches every month. Many people routinely run multiple searches on a daily basis from cell phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices.

When information is needed, whether on a product, service, or simply to find the answer to a question, the internet will almost always supply the answer in seconds. This ready access to information is a phenomenon never before seen in the history of the world. It has caused dramatic changes in how business operates and in how people live their lives. This trend shows no signs of diminishing. Search engines are the engine delivering this information.

Search engine marketing services are a necessity in today's era of digital marketing competition. Our Tampa search engine marketing company keeps our client's websites up to date on all of the current search engine marketing techniques.

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Landing Page Design

Bidding on keywords and showing the most creative ads doesn't mean a thing if your landing page fails to engage prospects and does not convert. Landing pages are extremely important to the success of any SEM campaign.

Our Tampa search engine marketing company believes that landing page design is equal parts art and science. We create landing pages that are attractive, and, most importantly, have a high rate of conversion. The landing pages we design are integrated with backend CRM systems so that contacts flow through seamlessly to our clients.  Our SEM Agency regularly A/B tests landing pages, in order to drive consistent improvement.

SEM company Tampa Florida

SEM Company Tampa Florida | Tampa SEO Agency

Online marketing analyzation


Digital marketing strategies


A/B split testing


Analysis of KPI's and metrics

Search Engine Marketing Can Benefit Your Business

  • ROI: The primary benefit of search engine marketing is to increase profits, but that is certainly not the only benefit.
  • Cost-Effective: When done correctly, SEM is a very cost-effecting method of advertising.
  • Attention-Grabbing: 90% of online researchers know what they’re looking for, which is why keyword research is so important. Our Tampa search engine marketing agency is highly-experienced in search engine marketing services and keyword research.
  • Testing: SEM is an unsurpassed channel for running tests because it is extremely customizable and highly controllable. Traffic can be isolated to run specific tests in a very stable environment. This is an ideal method for testing new designs, new pricing plans or for targeting specific audiences or demographics.
  • Results are Measurable: There’s no point running tests if you can’t measure the results. Success tracking and in-depth analysis allow optimization of keywords, budget, and content. You see exactly what return you are getting for your investment.
  • Useful to All: SEM services are applicable to any industry or business size, from a one-man shop to an international conglomerate.
  • Easy and Quick to Set Up: SEM services and SEM campaigns can be set up quickly and easily, but it does take experience to maximize results. Changes can be made as needed, making this a very flexible marketing strategy.
  • Branding: Both SEM services and SEO services are excellent for increasing brand awareness. This helps to increase the website’s visibility as well as customer loyalty.

Search Engine Marketing That Produces Results

Ready to learn how your brand can grow with online marketing tools and internet marketing services from Tampa SEO Agency? Our search marketing agency in Tampa provides business solutions including SEM services, SEO services, web design, content marketing, printing services, and pay per click advertising services to increase your brand’s exposure. Contact our Tampa SEM Agency for a free search engine marketing consultation today.

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Search Engine Marketing Agency Tampa Florida

SEM services Tampa Florida

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