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New websites that are just starting out or don’t have enough good search engine visibility can use one of the best ways to get in front of targeted customers, pay per click advertising. Pay per click advertising, also known as PPC marketing or PPC advertising, is an effective online marketing tool that guarantees great exposure for brands and is an excellent way for businesses to even the grounds against larger competitors.

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Pay Per Click Advertising For Businesses

Having your business website feature prominently on the first page of the search engine results when someone searches for your product or service is crucial to your success. There are two ways to have your website be highly visible to prospective customers: pay per click advertising (PPC) and search engine optimization (SEO).

  • Pay per click advertising, as the name suggests, is paid. It is the quickest way to promote your business for the chosen keywords.
  • Search engine optimization uses a variety of techniques so that a website ranks highly on the search engine results page as an unpaid listing. SEO takes longer than PPC to maximize traffic to the website.

When you do a search, you’ll notice two or three ads at the top of the search engine results page. Those are paid ads (PPC) for the same keywords as the unpaid (organic) listings shown below the ads. Many businesses use both PPC advertising and SEO.

PPC advertising is a way of buying traffic to your website. Each time someone clicks on the ad, the advertiser pays a small fee. Google AdWords and Bing Ads are the most well-known platforms. Of course, the key to a successful PPC campaign is ensuring that the website makes a profit.

  • The average click-through rate (CTR) in Google Ads across all industries is 3.17% for the search network and 0.46% on the display network.
  • The average cost per click (CPC) in Google Ads across all industries is $2.69 on the search network and $0.63 on the display network.
  • Google and Facebook hold the largest share of total US digital ad spend, with 38.6% and 19.9%, respectively.

Experienced PPC Management Services

Tampa SEO Agency is an experienced Tampa PPC agency that specializes in PPC management services which include:

  • Establishing PPC campaigns
  • Researching and choosing the best keywords
  • Organizing the selected keywords into campaigns and ad groups
  • Setting up the pay per click landing pages so that they are optimized for conversions
  • Monitoring the campaign and budget
  • Reporting
PPC Management Services Tampa Florida | Tampa SEO Agency

Why Partner With Our Tampa PPC Management Service Company?

If not implemented the right way, your brand's PPC advertising campaigns can use a lot of cash every month with few sales to show for it. This is especially true in the Tampa Bay area, where competition for local online space is incredibly fierce. Pay per click advertising is not your typical online marketing service. There is an extensive amount of research with several variables that go into an effective pay per click advertising campaign. The best way to handle Tampa PPC is to turn to our Tampa PPC management services company.

PPC Management Services That Target The Right People For Your Business

Tampa SEO Agency's PPC management services target the right customers by researching keywords and determining which ones will reach the broadest audience and have the best chance of converting. Tampa PPC advertising highlights your ads if someone types in a related keyword, but in order to make the most of the service you need to know the exact keywords that will cause your ad to pop up as often as possible when potential leads are doing a search, while not showing up for searches made by someone not looking for your products and services.

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Our PPC Management Service Will Make Your Ads More Appealing

In order for a PPC ad to be effective, it must attract a potential customer's attention. Our Tampa PPC agency can help you by creating ad copy that gets the web searcher interested. Optimizing ad copy through proper testing is a continuous process which our experienced PPC management services company can help you with.

To truly have success with Tampa PPC, one should incorporate a PPC campaign with a content marketing campaign. Paid search allows someone to aggressively promote content such as a blog, eBook, or a whitepaper. Doing so allows one to offer something to prospective customers while at the same time increasing the chances of collecting contact information to market to them further.

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PPC Management Services That Convert

The priority of our Tampa PPC management service is to turn those viewers into potential customers. PPC ads have to be interesting enough to grab a potential leads attention while not sounding so much like a sales pitch. People ignore ads that sound like sales pitches. At the same time, once a potential customer clicks on the ad, they need to be presented with the information that they expect with relevant content. Relevant content helps you build credibility and authority. Our Tampa PPC management service can help you provide this information by building a landing page, then monitor its performance and make any necessary changes in order to help improve your conversion rate.

PPC Advertising Tampa Florida | Tampa SEO Agency

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Who Can Benefit From PPC Advertising?

Companies in every industry can benefit from pay per click advertising. PPC ads can be a very useful strategic tool in a digital marketing toolbox.

Some of the benefits that pay per click advertising services from Tampa SEO Agency can offer a business include:

  • Fast Results: PPC can bring traffic to your website very quickly. This is a very efficient way of reaching your target demographic.
  • Results You Can Measure: Everything is easily and clearly measurable. Analyze the campaigns costs, profits, number of views, clicks, and visits and much more. There are a number of reports that will provide all of the information needed by marketing departments and management.
  • Not Dependent on SEO or Changes to Google’s Algorithm: For long-term success, SEO is essential. However, it can be useful to be able to create a profitable campaign that isn’t affected by Google or any changes that they may make to their algorithms.
  • Reach Your Target Audience: PPC advertising is very flexible. If you decide to test your product in a new market, for example, PPC is the quickest and easiest way to do that. Test different keywords and market segments. PPC advertising can be very cost-effective.
  • Build Your Brand: Using keywords related to your industry will put your ads directly in front of your target audience. This can substantially increase awareness of your brand and establish you as a leader and authority within your industry.
  • Respond Quickly to Business Opportunities: Whatever the opportunity is, PPC ads allow your business to respond rapidly and generate some almost-instant results.
  • Generate More Business with Local Customers: Local search and PPC display advertising work very well together. People searching on their mobiles will see your ad, click and get directions to your store. Statistically, 75% of consumers are more likely to go to a store if they see it in their search results.
  • Budget Friendly: PPC advertising allows you to spend whatever you wish. You choose how much to pay for a click and determine the budget for the entire campaign.
  • Test Marketing Strategies for Use in Other Mediums: Suppose that you want to test ad copy or different versions of display ads. Set up some different Pay Per Click Google AdWords campaigns, run them for a couple weeks and analyze the results.
  • Great Reporting Tools: Both Google AdWords and Bing Ads offer all of the tools needed for the campaign. The right tools make it easier to get the results that you desire.

Pay Per Click Advertising That Produces Results

Ready to learn how your brand can grow with online marketing tools and internet marketing services from Tampa SEO Agency? Our digital marketing agency and Tampa PPC company provide business solutions including SEO services, web design, content marketing, and pay per click advertising services to increase your brand’s exposure. Contact our Tampa PPC agency today for a free PPC management services consultation.

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